the garden this summer

rain on porch

lush view during a nice summer rain


One day it’d be lovely to be surrounded by a complete front yard garden. And I think I’ll do it this winter!  Yikes….what will the neighbors say?


Did I have a nice vacation this morning?

This morning I went to one of my favorite east nashville spots:  Sweet 16th Bakery.

They serve Drew’s brews, which is my favorite Nashville roaster and have all kinds of delectables. My absolute favorite is their Breakfast Sandwhich.  They take a cheddar cheese scone (a lovely marriage of a scone and southern biscuit) and put a egg/cheese/jalapeno casserole in the middle.  Oh my god, I think it’s laced with crack or maybe even something more potent.

That’s stuff is addictive.

Today I went before work and took a magazine.  I drank my coffee, ate my sammy and read.  When I left, Ellen the proprietess asked me “Did you have a nice little vacation in here today”?  I thought about it, about what it means, and smiled.

Yes I did, I replied.

And what a concept, you know?  I could have easily drank coffee, read and had a sandwhich at my house. Or at work. Or in the car.  But there’s something about going to a place that you’re not in charge of, that you don’t have to clean up, etc, etc.

East Nashville is no Montmarte, no Williamsburg, but I’m thankful I at least have a cafe in which the owners know my name and I theirs and one in which I can go on vacation, even if it is for only 20 minutes.

The half marathon post

This year, I’m running my 3rd Country Music Marathon in a row.  I ran a couple back in High School, although it was called the Music City Half, which I personally think is better than the new name. But you know, lots of people actually LIKE country music.  I know…it’s surprising.  And I’m talking about the new stuff, b/c we all know it’s very respectable and even expected nowadays to say “oh yeah..johnny cash….that’s the good stuff. Waylan…ahh yeah..that’s some outlaw shit”.

Anybody with any article of denim must praise the man in black, lest they remain unloved from graceful lady faces.

There are something like 8 co-workers running the race, as well as 80 or so people from my running club, East Nasty.  (too lazy to hyperlink).

This club has become such a great thing for me and for a lot of folks. We run every wednesday night, and then go have beers. Lovely.

And on sundays we run really far and sometimes we go really hard and fast. Rewarding, but not lovely.

My time 2 years ago:  1:47

Last year:  1:41

This year’s goal:  1:39

My own vertical wall

I told my co-worker that I was making this cool, stone wall. A vertical wall, I told her.  “As opposed to a horizontal wall?”, she asked.

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.

Remember this pic from yesterday?

The before shot

The before shot

Well now, check it out. I’m so happy with how it turned out. This morning I went out with my cup of coffee and just kept staring at it from different angles.

From Straight on:

Ahh I love it

Ahh I love it

And the view when you walk out the back door:


If you live in Nashville and have a stone project, check out Jones Stone.  It’s in Berry Hill, near the Emma office.  They have some real beautiful rock and stone there.

To properly give credit where credit is due, I got this idea from a bar that I visited in Denver.   They had a wall made out of stones beneath the bar.  I saw it, loved it, and vowed to copy it.

The next project: River rock fence part 1.

My deck is about 8 feet off the ground, due to my sloping lot.  That’s pretty cool except that it’s the only house on the block that is like that, so I can pretty much peer down into my neighbors yards.

That could be a good thing if my neighbors had a pool (is that creepy?), or if they had little pet pig races in their yard, or generally anything entertaining would be cool.

But when I moved in, my neighbor had a couple of cars in his backyard, a 12×12 cage with a few pit bulls, and some old, battered bikes.

So I did the best I could with planting some arm- rest level planter boxes on my deck to make a  seasonal visual barrier full of pretty flowers.

It’s been a big hit to have those up on the deck, and I also plant some annual herbs in there for cooking.

The only problem is that I’ve never gotten around to covering up the frame of the boxes with something nice.

So here’s a pic of what I’m working on, It’s my goal to have this covered up by a fence of river rocks.  You’ll see when I post later this week when it’s done. I’m excited!

The before shot

The before shot

Ahh the joys of gardening

Remember my shade garden that I created last monday?  I had woke up really early and got some work done before I headed in to work.  Then this weekend I borrowed a truck, went to some nurseries and plant stores and went to town!  I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Here’s what it looked like a week ago:

first step

first step

Looking down into the yard.

Looking down into the yard.

another angle

another angle

Don’t tell me what to do.

This blog was started b/c of a challenge at work. Cool. I like challenges.

Now, though, it gets to the end of the day and I really don’t want to write.  Defensively I say to myself, “I’m busy living” or “why write when I’m acutally enjoying all the minutes of the day?”

Then sometimes I react in that childish way that is ever-so-hard to shake:  Don’t you dare tell me what the fuck to do.  Really. Not that anyone is telling me to blog, but the idea that I’m supposed to write everyday seems a bit annoying. A very childish reaction to a little blog challenge.  Stupid me.

Ok, enough of that.  Today I’m going home and I’ll drink a homemade IPA on my porch with a friend. That’s a good afternoon.