Dirt before work

A few months new

A few months new

On the rare days that time allows, I try to have some coffee on my front porch. With an elementary school just a block away it gets pretty busy in the mornings.

Even though I always intend to just sit and sip, I always end up grabbing a hand shovel and getting dirt under my nails, which is fine except that I usually don’t notice until I’m already at work. Dang.

Little kids pass by my house on their way to school. Most stop and actually look at the flowers. I had some daisies stolen last spring, but I actually enjoyed knowing some little kids were walking around with my Shasta Daisies in their hands.Hopefully they weren’t beat up.

This past winter, like a squirrel, I gathered acorns found on the campus of Vanderbilt and also near a Cummins Falls, outside of Cookeville. Unlike a squirrel, I am less skittish and more responsive to satire.

Here’s a shot of them growing in what is now my massive tester pot in my house.  It’s sitting on top of an antique claw leg table in my dining room.  In what seems like a systematic campaign of revenge, said table exacts much pain with it’s claw legs when trying to be moved.  Perhaps  some ancient inside joke amongst  furniture makers?  Probably not.


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