Trinidad and Tobago made me feel lame.

Last night I went to a World Cup qualifying soccer game between Amurica and Trinidad and Tobago.  We won 3-0 and it was a pretty good time.  People were on their feet the entire match.  I’m a big fan of enthusiam, so that impressed me.

Someone tried, in vain, to start a wave.  It’s really difficult to do so when you’re already standing up.  I love a good wave and was really hoping it’d get to me. Alas, my desire for waves and herd-like behavior remains.

When we were leaving the game, we caught up with a group of TNTs (folks from Trinidad and Tobago).  They had a ton of drums, they were dancing, singing, jumping up and down.  They lost 3-0.  What gives? They lost and were having more fun, while all the upper middle class americans, clad in new balance and puma, went home and updated their F-in facebook status about how happy they were that we won. Lame.  I wanted to be a part of their party, but I didn’t get the invite.  So I went to my favorite bar, had some great beer and played foosball. I was wearing a pair of pumas.


2 responses to “Trinidad and Tobago made me feel lame.

  1. Ah. So THAT’S why you missed running… a good enough excuse, I suppose. 🙂

    Consider me SUBSCRIBED to this blog, good sir!

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