The Bleeding Heart in my front yard

The first color of the season

The first color of the season

Now there’s all kinds of things you can find in my front yard. Twinkie wrappers, empty bags of b-grade chips, remnants of some unfinished project of mine,  etc.   Most of it, though, comes  in the form of purty flowers that I’ve been tending for the last 3 years.

In springtime I go out to check on my perennials every day, sometimes even twice. A watched pot never boils, I know this.  But I can’t help but feel some sort of odd attachment to these little plants that come back year after year.

This little guy pictured above is called a Bleeding Heart.  This is officially my first actual bloom of the year. The awesome thing about these guys, obvious political jokes notwithstanding, is the fact that it comes out like a little heart, then opens up and there’s these tiny little ‘drops’ that drip from it.  That’s awesome.   Then as it opens up it has these little upward curls on the end that remind me of some silhouette of a swedish farm girl.  Less blond, though. And more plant like, of course.

Two things to note unrelated to this post:  This blog is part of a 30 day challenge set forth by folks at work.  Blog something every day for the month of April. That’s it. That’s the reason I’ve created this thing.

Special thanks to my gracious Co-worker, Lauren. She put together this cool custom header.  It’s called Brew and Bamboo b/c I’ll mostly talk about making beer and gardening.  This weekend I’m kegging an IPA that I’ve made. I can’t wait to try it!!!


One response to “The Bleeding Heart in my front yard

  1. Nice man! That is a very pretty flower. Does the cold not kill them this early?

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