It’s gone

Today I noticed the washing machine that I had put in the alley yesterday has since parted ways with my beloved property.  I think future posts on this blog will include lists of semi useless items (to me) that I’ll put in the alley and note how long it takes for them to grow legs and walk away.

Today I was supposed to run 13 miles, but instead ran 11.  It was very hot outside and I started to feel dehydrated very early on.  I think I’ll have to sincerely limit beer intake to maybe 2 on the nights before long runs.  Seeing the true difficulty of such an act, I’m axious to have the race behind me.


One response to “It’s gone

  1. I hear ya Micah. I did the full 13 and regret it. It was way too hot, and the mojitos I had the night before were probably not the best idea.

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