A mini green house

I have an 11th cousin who got married last summer. I know what you’re thinking. 11th cousin!?!  We actually started out as friends growing up, and in a lengthy conversation between our mothers, they realized they shared the same last name, did some digging and found out that they were both descendants of Henri Zimmerman from Switzerland from the 1700s.  How cool is that?

Back to their wedding.

As a parting gift, then handed out seeds of Hollyhock seeds with a custom message attached to the seed packet. How cool and different is that?  There was a quote from Oscar Wilde on the attached semi-opaque card.  Something about a life without love is like a garden without flowers.  That’s a very palatable quote.

So I planted these last sunday.  I took an egg carton, did a little surgery, and turned it into a planter. As a test I put the glass salad bowl over half of the carton, to see how a little greenhouse action would speed along the germination process.

If I had an aircraft carrier, I would proudly stand underneath a banner that says “mission accomplished” .  Everyone knows that doing so guarantees success in the present endeavor.

So there’s no banner, but this picture proves that it works.  The seeds  in the greenhouse came out about 3 days before the uncovered, and they are coming out with a sense of purpose!

If you’ve got some seeds lying around, try this out to get them going since outdoor planting season is still a few weeks away.

finally the salad bowl has a purpose

finally the salad bowl has a purpose


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