Manifest Destiny

Remember learning about Manifest Destiny in school?  As I remember it, MD was basically the belief that the settlers had a natural born right to settle the frontier.  This was all well and good but there were already Native Americans on that land.  Whoops!  Somehow my teachers glossed over that and went right to pictures of frontier cabins and such.  Ahh…such a bucolic little story about American perseverance and independence.

When I bought my house the edges of the back lawn were a bit frontier like in that there was about 5 feet of hardscrabble and old fencing and general shit.  Each year I reclaim a foot or two in spots, a reasonable pace. At this pace, my yard will overtake my neighbors in about 6 years. I wonder if they’ll mind.

Last summer I cleared out this whole area and just this weekend I created this new bed in which I’ll plant a new shade garden.  I’ll keep you, eager reader, up to date.

first step

first step


2 responses to “Manifest Destiny

  1. I like cutting down trees…I like manifest destiny.
    But I would not cut down Indians. That’s mean.

  2. You can take whatever land you want as long as you have bigger guns than the next guy, right? I mean, that how it’s worked thus far.


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