The half marathon post

This year, I’m running my 3rd Country Music Marathon in a row.  I ran a couple back in High School, although it was called the Music City Half, which I personally think is better than the new name. But you know, lots of people actually LIKE country music.  I know…it’s surprising.  And I’m talking about the new stuff, b/c we all know it’s very respectable and even expected nowadays to say “oh yeah..johnny cash….that’s the good stuff. Waylan…ahh yeah..that’s some outlaw shit”.

Anybody with any article of denim must praise the man in black, lest they remain unloved from graceful lady faces.

There are something like 8 co-workers running the race, as well as 80 or so people from my running club, East Nasty.  (too lazy to hyperlink).

This club has become such a great thing for me and for a lot of folks. We run every wednesday night, and then go have beers. Lovely.

And on sundays we run really far and sometimes we go really hard and fast. Rewarding, but not lovely.

My time 2 years ago:  1:47

Last year:  1:41

This year’s goal:  1:39


2 responses to “The half marathon post

  1. Too lazy to link? Micah. Tssk tssk. 🙂

  2. 1:34, Micah, 1:34!! See you on Saturday!

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